Michigan Milk Producers Association
To market MMPA members' milk to the greatest advantage possible.

Novi Lab

MMPA owns and operates its own laboratory, so MMPA members are assured of accurate, timely testing. The MMPA laboratory located at the Novi office is a certified laboratory operating 6 days a week, performing a variety of lab tests. Samples are taken every pickup from member's bulk tanks by their hauler and transported to the Novi Lab. Regulatory Tests conducted by the Novi Lab are forwarded to the State Regulatory Agencies and are also used in calculating MMPA quality premiums.

All lab technicians are officially certified by the State. The laboratory itself is inspected every year to ensure it is meeting state and federal regulations.

All samples tested are maintained at 32-40° F at all times prior to testing.

Producers are notified immediately after lab tests are completed by internet, mail, e-mail, or fax generated.

Laboratory Services

  • Certified laboratories
  • Raw bacteria counts
  • Drug residue testing
  • Pre-Incubated counts
  • Sediment testing
  • Cryoscope testing for freeze point
  • Component testing - Butterfat, Protein, Other Solids, Somatic Cell Counts
  • Special testing
  • Individual cow and whole herd cultures
  • Total coliform testing – E. Coli testing
  • Pasteurized testing for thermodurics
  • Well water analysis
  • Hauler education and training
  • Johne’s testing
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Total bacteriology and drug susceptibility testing
  • Iodide testing