Michigan Milk Producers Association
To market MMPA members' milk to the greatest advantage possible.

MMPA History

MMPA was formed on May 23, 1916 when a small group of dairy farmers from the Howell area gathered at what was then the Michigan Agricultural College in East Lansing. They met to establish a stable, reliable market and price for their milk. The principles and organizational structure which these intuitive farmers established in 1916, laid the ground work for what is now an integral part of today's dairy industry.

The basic premise of a cooperative, groups of people working together for the betterment of all, has been instrumental in this country's history. We continue to do business through cooperatives today because history ensures us that it works.

MMPA History Publications

  • Stronger. Together.
    A book detailing 100 years of MMPA history and the evolution of the cooperative.
  • One Century Strong
    A timeline reflecting on the defining moments of MMPA’s history.

MMPA History Videos

View the three-part series encompassing the past, present and future of MMPA, created in celebration of the cooperative’s centennial anniversary in 2016. Parts two and three will be available soon.