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MichiganMilk: Friday: You can buy from dairy farmers at most grocery stores.
MichiganMilk: Get that New Year's off to a good start with oatmeal! Don't forget to .
MichiganMilk: Looking for the perfect toastable beverage for tonight? Choose eggnog!
MichiganMilk: The verdict is in... Cheese goes with just about everything!
MichiganMilk: Friday: Only about 24 cents of every dollar spent on food goes back to the farmer.
MichiganMilk: Wishing you , peace & goodwill this holiday! farmers, haulers & plants for working over the holidays.
MichiganMilk: ’Twas the night before Christmas down on the farm…
MichiganMilk: It's Christmas Eve, Eve! Get in the holiday spirit, dairy style.
MichiganMilk: It's the last Monday before the holidays! Get your cookie baking on before the big day.
NtlDairyCouncil: w/ this broccoli, chicken & Cheddar casserole which is lactose-intolerance-friendly.:
NtlDairyCouncil: w/ this Winter Squash Rice Bake made w/ natural cheeses containing min lactose
MichiganMilk: T-minus 10 days until Christmas! Try a new twist on an old favorite this Monday.
nmpf: New CDC study shows how dangerous unpasteurized milk can be:
MichiganMilk: Congratulations to all the MMPA members recognized in the November Top Producing NorthStar Cooperative Herds Report!
MichiganMilk: This holiday season remember to spread the joy of cooking with real butter!
MichiganMilk: Get your holiday cookie fix this Monday! Who doesn't love cranberries?
MichiganMilk: As if you need an excuse, here's yet another health-filled reason to eat yogurt!
MichiganMilk: Reminder: The deadline to sign up for the federal Dairy Margin Protection Program (MPP) is this Friday, December 5!
MichiganMilk: It's December 1 & the first installment of Christmas cookie mania!
MichiganMilk: Another reason to be thankful this ?
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