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June 2015
MichiganMilk: is back! Here's a recipe for Greek yogurt egg salad, perfect for a BBQ
MichiganMilk: Happy . A warm thank you from MMPA to all those who died serving America in our armed forces.
MichiganMilk: MMPA member was featured on by
MichAgCouncil: New From the Farmer post: – the future of America
MichiganMilk: And don't forget to store your milk at 40 degrees or less and away from the fridge door!
DairyGood: tech innovation and farmer sustainability often goes hand in hand? Find out how:
DairyGood: dairy plays many roles in a healthy diet including helping lower blood pressure?
MilkMeansMore: What’s the difference between a “Sell by “ and “Best by” date on dairy foods?
MilkMeansMore: Congratulations to Nobis Dairy Farms of St. Johns for receiving the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award!
MichiganMilk: Young Cooperator Conf, Ag Teacher Shortage, and more! Read the May Messenger online here ->
MichiganMilk: MMPA member Nobis Dairy Farms received one of the seven 2015 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards!
MichiganMilk: this National Day!
MichiganMilk: Meeting adjourned! Thanks for a great day of celebration & leadership at . Stay tuned for a Facebook photo recap.
MichiganMilk: Mark Halbert of Battle Creek was elected to a director-at-large position on the MMPA board.
MichiganMilk: Mapping out MMPA's future . Delegates voting on resolutions to guide us into 2015.
MichiganMilk: Thanks to the Jahfeston family, our 2015 Quality Award winner for preserving high standards of milk quality.
MichiganMilk: Congrats to all of our 35 – year members! We’re looking forward to the next 35 years.
MichiganMilk: Recognizing MMPA’s district OYDCs including 2014 OYDC the Prestons & runners-up the Sparks.
MichiganMilk: "There are basically no surprises from the domestic market...The world market is an entirely different animal." Peter Vitaliano
MichiganMilk: "To you members, I appreciate the tireless efforts you go through everyday to feed the entire world" -MMPA GM Joe Diglio
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